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Products Overview

Organization Tree Web-Part

Are you ready to streamline your organizational structure and enhance visibility across departments?

Our Organization Tree Web-Part for SharePoint simplifies the process, offering intuitive navigation and customizable features to help you visualize your organization’s hierarchy effectively.

Birthday Celebrations Web-Part

Are you ready to elevate your workplace celebrations to the next level?

Our Birthday Web-Part for SharePoint simplifies the process, offering customizable features and an intuitive interface to help you foster team spirit and celebrate milestones in a meaningful way.

SharePoint Synergy: Where Content Meets Animation!

Combine the power of SharePoint with the allure of animation using our web parts! From Animated Slider’s fluid stories to Carousel Slider’s captivating loops and News Ticker’s scrolling updates – create synergy, create impact.

Turning Content into Conversations: Carousel Pro for SharePoint

Let your content start conversations with Carousel Pro. Elevate your SharePoint experience with interactive storytelling that sparks interest and engagement, one slide at a time.

Elevate your SharePoint experience with our cutting-edge Data Simulator.

Tired of wrangling data for your SharePoint lists? Say hello to simplicity with the SharePoint List View Data Simulator Command Set!

Meet People Pulse: The Ultimate Azure AD User Directory Solution

Are you ready to elevate your Azure Active Directory (AD) user display to the next level? Look no further! The People Pulse Web Part is your ultimate solution. This robust web part empowers you to effortlessly showcase all your available users from Azure AD.

SharePoint News Scroller Web Part – Your Ultimate News Display Solution!

Are you tired of the same old, static news displays on your SharePoint site? Looking for a dynamic and engaging way to keep your audience informed and captivated? Look no further! The SharePoint News Scroller Web Part is here to revolutionize the way you share news and updates with your audience.

NewsFlow Pro

SharePoint NewsFlow Pro Web Part – Your Pinnacle News Presentation Solution!

Have you grown weary of the monotonous, unchanging news displays on your SharePoint site?

Are you in pursuit of a vibrant and captivating approach to keep your audience informed and spellbound?

Search no more! The SharePoint NewsFlow Pro Web Part is here to metamorphose the manner in which you broadcast news and updates to your audience.

Task Insight Pro: Where Details Define Destiny in Project Excellence

The Task Details Web Part is a powerful tool designed to enhance your task management experience. With this web part, you can effortlessly display all the essential details related to your tasks, providing a comprehensive overview for efficient project management.

Check out our powerful Task Details Web Part & elevate your project excellence. Manage your tasks effortlessly for efficient project execution.

The intelligent agent for Microsoft Teams

Introducing @TellMe 365… a revolutionary BOT for Microsoft Teams that uses the power of artificial intelligence and the Microsoft GRAPH to collect and relay information from within Microsoft 365 products. @TellMe 365 can also simply be configured to use a preset data source to provide prompt responses to any business-related question. You decide!

Merge Unlimited SharePoint Calendars into One

Create Calendars for any SharePoint List and Library fields across unlimited Site Collections / Sites. Custom Calendar Styles (Tooltips, fonts, colours, text size).

Store Emails and attachments directly from Outlook to SharePoint / OneDrive

Email Store 365 minimizes the effort of downloading an email or attachments prior to saving in SharePoint Online or OneDrive

Document Review provides you a simple and convenient way to manage the reviewing of your documents.

Track documents and the dates that they are up for review with an easy to use and intuitive dashboard that gives a bird’s eye view to the overall situation.

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