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  • Customization Beyond Your Imagination
    We understand that every SharePoint site is unique, which is why we’ve designed our News Scroller Web Part with customization in mind. Take control of your News Scroller ‘s appearance with customizable fonts, colors, and layout options. Tailor it to seamlessly blend with your site’s branding and design for a truly cohesive look and feel.
  • Seamless Integration with External Resources
    Need to link your news items to external resources? No problem! The SharePoint News Scroller Web Part empowers you to effortlessly connect your news updates to external websites, documents, or any other valuable resources. Keep your audience engaged and informed with easy access to additional information.
  • Highlight Your News Titles
    Don’t let your audience miss a beat. By enabling the presentation of news headings on the scrolling banner, your audience can swiftly peruse the captions and select those that catch their attention. The primary goal is to enhance the accessibility and user-friendliness of news content.

Ready to Elevate Your SharePoint News Experience!

Getting Started

  • Installation

    Begin by installing the SharePoint News Scroller Web Part on your SharePoint site. Note: Before installing any web part, ensure you have the necessary permissions and administrative rights on your SharePoint site.
  1. Access Your SharePoint Site:
    • Open a web browser and navigate to your SharePoint site where you want to install the News Scroller Web Part.
  2. Go to the Site Contents:
    • In the top-right corner of the SharePoint site, click on the gear icon (Settings) and select “Site contents.” This will take you to the site’s contents page.
  3. Add an App:
    • On the Site Contents page, click the “+ New” button to add a new app.
  4. Search for the News Scroller Web Part:
    • In the search box, type “News Scroller ” or the name of the web part you want to install.
  5. Select the News Scroller Web Part:
    • When the News Scroller Web Part appears in the search results, click on it to select it.
  6. Click “Next”:
    • You may be prompted with additional information about the web part. Review this information and click “Next” or “Add” to proceed with the installation.
  7. Choose a Location:
    • Choose where you want to add the web part. You can add it directly to the current page, a specific site, or a subsite. Select your desired location and click “Add.”
  8. Configure the Web Part:
    • Once added to your page or site, you’ll likely need to configure the web part. This includes setting the news source, specifying columns, adjusting the display settings, and customizing the appearance. Refer to your web part’s documentation or the previous sections of this document for detailed configuration instructions.
  9. Save and Publish:
    • After configuring the web part, make sure to save your changes and publish the page or site for the web part to be visible to your users.
  10. Test the News Scroller :
    • Finally, test the News Scroller to ensure it functions as expected. Check that news items are displayed correctly, links work, and the Scroller scrolls or transitions as desired.

Configuring the News Scroller

  • Selecting the News Source

    • – Select List (Dropdown)
    • Choose the SharePoint list or library that contains the news items you want to display in the Scroller.
    • – Select Columns (Dropdown)
    • Specify the columns from the selected list that should be displayed in the Scroller. [Instructions on column selection]
    • – Items to Show (Slider)
    • Set the number of news items to display simultaneously in the Scroller . Use the slider to adjust this value according to your preferences.
    • – Column to refer to for sorting (Modified/Created)
    • Ability to sort the items by the modified date or the created date.
    • – Sort direction
    • Ability to configure sorting in ascending or descending order.
    • – Scroller Directions
    • Choose the scrolling direction of the Scroller , either vertically or horizontally. Toggle between these options based on your layout requirements.
      Vertical News Scroller :
      Horizontal News Scroller :
    • – News Scroller Height (Slider)
    • Adjust the height of the News Scroller using the slider to fit it perfectly within your page layout.
    • – Background Color (Color picker)
    • Customize the background color of the News Scroller to match your site’s design.
    • – Font Color (Color picker)
    • Select the font color to ensure optimal readability and visual appeal.
    • – Font Size (Slider)
    • Modify the font size of the Scroller text for better visibility and aesthetics.
  • Customizing the Display

    • – Show News Title? (Toggle)
    • Toggle the option to display news titles along with the Scroller . When enabled, additional settings become available:
    • – News Title (Visible if Show News Title is enabled) (Text)
    • Enter the text for the news title to be displayed in the Scroller .
  • Styling the Scroller

    • – Show Links? (Toggle)
    • Toggle the option to display links with news items. When enabled, an additional setting becomes available:
    • – Link Column to be Shown (Visible if Show Links? is enabled) (Text)
    • Specify the column containing the links to external resources associated with news items.

Advanced Settings

  • Adding Links

    Learn how to add links to external resources or documents for each news item to divrovide more information or direct users to relevant content.
  • Displaying News Titles

    Enable the display of news titles in the Scroller to provide context for each news item.

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